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Chicago North Shore Massage


Swedish Massage with
Cannabios Cream


Swedish Massage (90 min)
(Add $5 for Deep Tissue)

Eminence Organic Blueberry Soy
Slimming Body Wrap & Organic Facial

(wrap may be replaced
by 60 min massage)

Offers Expire: 10/31/17

*Above specials cannot be combined with other promotions, gift cards, or any packages. All specials are not valid towards Sunday appointments.

It’s what you’ve been craving, but you’ve been too busy to notice. Select treatment of your choice: touch, warmth, wraps, silence… Removes the toxins, quiets the aches, smooths the skin, pampers your body and soothes your soul. Restores balance by stimulating the senses. Leaves you feeling relaxed and energized.

Nurture and personalize your spa experience. Take any treatment as single-standing therapy or combine two or three of them, or add-up to any massage of your choice for that extra bit of bliss.

Cranial-Sacral Therapy: With a soft touch, CranioSacral therapy corrects spinal fluid movement and function to relieve chronic pain, nervous system, and behavioral conditions. The effects of CST can spread through the body, relax the muscles and soft tissues around injuries and improve overall mood and temperament. This treatment is extremely relaxing, even more than a massage. 60min -- $75

Hand and Foot Restore:
Natural balance rejuvenating treatment. Combines acupressure massage of hands, forearms, feet, and lower legs, exfoliation, and moisturizing. Enhances all functions in the treated extremities.
45min --$60

Thermal Back Restore:
A relaxing, cleaning, retexturing treatment. Full back is exfoliated, treated with Sea or Vegetable Mud Masque then cleansed, massaged, toned end moisturized. 45min --$60

Body Glows (Exfoliations):
An exfoliating, reviving treatment returns that youthful glow, as the entire body is exfoliated to buff away dead cell with custom blends of your choice.
60min --$70

Body Wraps:
Seaweed compounds enforced with clay and mineral salt to cleanse, tone, and re-mineralize the skin, restore elasticity, & replace moisture lost through sweat glands. Stimulates blood circulation, eliminates toxins, calms body soreness/stiffness.               
60 min --$75

Swedish Massage
The classic form of full- body soft tissue massage, relaxes the body, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, enhances range of motion, eases muscle aches and tension. Ultimately calms the nervous system and reduces stress, excellent for first time clients.
60/90 min--$65/$105 

Deep Tissue Massage
A stronger massage designed for detailed bodywork to expedite after workout recovery, erase chronic muscle aches and tension, and increase motion range. Slow strokes, cross fiber work, and deep finger pressure restore the body’s optimum alignment and suppleness.
60/90 min -- $75/$110

Aromatherapy Massage
The most effective form of Aromatherapy combines the nurturing power of touch with great penetrating force of carefully chosen pure essential oils to produce the profound sense of relaxation. The ultimate anti- Stress massage, it is rhythmic and light.          
60/90 min -- $75/105

Sports Massage
A combination of Swedish massage, stretching, and pressure point work to enhance performance and help injury recovery. Stimulates blood vessels and connective tissues, reducing cramps and spasms.
60/90 min -- $80/$110

Reflexology Massage

Acupressure Points Release technique combined with complementing massage strokes, placing proper pressure on reflex areas to stimulate your body’s inherent healing process.
60/90 min -- $75/$110

Hot Stone Massage
Use of basalt stones heat and various manipulations allows deep heat penetration through major muscle groups to increase circulation, release tight muscles and balance the energy flow.
60/90 min -- $90/$120

Prenatal Massage
Gentle, safe, and soothing. This massage is beneficial throughout the childbearing year. Designed to bring deep relaxation/relief to the mother to be, and give your baby a treat.
30/45 min -- $45/$65

Massage Specifique
Modalities and techniques are tailored to suit the particular individual needs in a short session. Designed to concentrate on specific areas to treat an occurring problem.
30 min -- $45


Monday  11am-6pm    ~   Tuesday-Friday 9:30am-6:30pm

Saturday  10am-5pm   ~   Sunday  CLOSED

*Please Note: Reception area closes at 6pm Tuesday-Friday but appointments are available until 6:30pm.