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Naturopathic in Glenview North Shore

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Naturopathic or alternative medicine is a holistic and nontoxic approach to therapy with a strong emphasis on disease prevention and optimizing wellness.

Dr. Alla Arutcheva MD, PhD, ND
Associate Professor, Rush University Medical School

Dr. Arutcheva is a Member of International Society for Complimentary Research, American Society of Microbiology, and Society of Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and AlliancChicago wellness and healthe of Microbicides.

She has published more than 50 articles in peer reviewed scientific journals. She is a reviewer for many journals in the field of Infectious Diseases and she is in Editorial Board of “Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins” journal. Her research in Women’s Health has been recognized by National Institute of Health, Complimentary and  Alternative Medicine.

"My Goal is to show you the pathways to a healthy and a happy life!"

Toxins will damage all your systems, destroy cells, tissues and organs especially those that have inherited low functional genes.

-With testing
we can accurately identify health conditions.

-By detoxifying
your body system, and rebuilding a healthy and strong body you can eliminate many health conditions including:

Allergy Joints pain
Asthma Sinuses problem
Anemia Chronic fatigue
Digestive System Disorders Lack of energy
Chronic Headaches Skin, hair and nails problems
Cardiovascular problems Excessive weight
Hormonal imbalances Emotional disorders

Whole Body Health Evaluation: $195
with Dr. Alla Arutcheva

Reserve 2 hours for this consultation. Dr. Arutcheva will go through your symptoms, diet, and lifestyle. The following tests will be used for health evaluation:

  • Metatron-Oberon diagnostic bio-device: is used to measure vibrational signals irradiated from body cells and tissues. This modern non-invasive technique allows to identify health status of organs, functional disorders, and pathological changes. This machine shows the early signs of disease and predisposition to them. It recognizes vibration of parasites and Candida. In addition, it is able to test efficiency of recommended supplements.
  • Microscopic blood analysis: Blood holds the history of the body at the cellular level. It gives information of tissue damage in the body caused by a variety of different environmental influences, parasites, acidity, free radical activity, hormonal imbalances, stressors, and toxicities.
  • Nails and Tongue analysis: Finger nails and tongue are two important markers of physical health. It can be a tool for early diagnostic of health problems. Nails and tongue are able to reveal condition of five major organs: liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney; it also shows malnutrition, anemia, heavy metals and digestion discomfort.
  • Iridology: The iris is a unique body "map". The eye can reveal the body's constitution, inherent strengths and weaknesses, body toxicity, health levels, and possible future problems.

Follow-Up Visit: $100.00

Dr. Arutcheva will evaluate dynamic changes in the body's organs and determine    efficiency of nutritional, life style, and supplemental recommendations.

System Disorder Evaluation $100.00
If you have a certain concerns about the listed systems/organs we offer 1 hour consultation to evaluate the condition and health of the following:

  • CANDIDA CHECK UP: IF YOU HAVE EVER TAKEN ANTI-BIOTICS, BIRTH CONTROL, STEROIDS, AND CONSUME PROCESSED FOODS (especially high in sugar), THAN YOU MAY HAVE CANDIDA! One out of three people are suffering from Candida overgrowth. It has become a silent epidemic in the U.S. It effects not only the intestinal track, but all body tissues and organs, including: brain, hormonal system, genitals, and skin. Dr. Arutcheva offers diagnostic tests that can reveal candida overgrowth and guide you through special program to control the grown of candida and maintain a healthy living.
  • PARASITE CHECK UP: More than 85% of an American population has at least one form of parasite. Parasites can be transmitted from pets, raw vegetables, uncooked fish, and unclean water. Parasites feed on your blood making you anemic, dizzy, and fatigue. If you have pale skin with dark circles under the eyes, disorders of immune function, allergies, unexplained fatigue or chronic bowel symptoms you should be evaluated for the presence of intestinal parasites. Dr. Arutcheva offers diagnostic procedures that are able to detect parasites with high probability, and offers natural ways to get rid of them.

  • HEART HEALTH: After decades of avoiding fat, taking cholesterol lowering drugs and other medications, heart disease remains the number one killer in America. Everyone should raise awareness about heart health. The main cause of heart disease is a buildup of fatty deposits in the arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis. The arteries become clogged and narrow, restricting blood flow, and the heart muscle is not getting the oxygen it needs. This could eventually lead to a heart attack. It is very important to catch any changes in the heart and whole circulatory system in early stages. Our naturopathic methods are able to reveal early genetic changes in the heart and vessels that precede pathological changes in the organ. You will learn how to protect your heart naturally to avoid surgery. 
  • DIGESTIVE SYSTEM CHECK UP: Did you know that 80% of all diseases begin in the digestive tract! The health of our digestive system is a reflection of overall health. It breaks down food, absorbs, and makes nutrients available to each and every cell in the body, eliminates waist and toxic products, and regulates the immune system. What happens when there is an interruption in the primary functions of the digestive system? The body ends up with nutrient deficiency, an impaired immune system, and a disrupted detoxification. It is very important to have your digestive system under control, because your health depends on what you eat, how you digest food, how you absorb and eliminate waste and toxins.
  •  NAIL & TONGUE CHECK UP: Finger nails and tongue are two important markers of physical health. It can be a tool for early diagnostic of health problems. Nails and tongue size, color, and shape are able to reveal the condition of 5 major organs: liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney; it also shows malnutrition, anemia, heavy metals, and digestive issues. Nails are meridian points of the body, and they reflect on long term problems. Tongue reveals immediate condition of the body.
  • IRIDOLOGY: The eyes are a window into the human body. The eyes reveal overall state of health and tendencies toward inherited diseases, and possible future problems. Because of anatomy, the eyes and optic nerve are in an indirect contact with the brain. The iris is a topographic map of the physical body and has a representation and location for the all the structures. The visible aspects of the iris are unique to the individual. Iris analysis can uncover both, hereditary predispositions to degenerative conditions, and health changes that develop over time. These changes are an indication of the personal life style. The iris marks become noticeable decades before symptoms occur or diagnostic testing may reveal. Thus, it is a valuable asset for preventive healthcare.