Glenview Resident says at 73, she’s never felt better.

“I’ve never felt as good in my whole life as I do now,” the 73-year-old Glenview resident said, attributing much of that to Seldar Atamov and Antalee Wellness Center & Spa in Glenview.

“It’s almost impossible to explain Seldar because he doesn’t fit into any category you can come up with, but he’s life changing,” said Glenview Resident, whose two daughters are also clients of Atamov’s.

Atamov, who describes himself as a cellular DNA healer, said he has the ability to travel between his own body and the client’s to see a person’s cellular makeup and to connect the client’s beliefs and behavior to emotional and physical pain.

Acting as a conduit, Atamov said he brings peace to the communities of cells in the body, enabling the client to adapt to life’s circumstances differently, which he said enables healing.

“Pain and suffering are the consequences of not knowing who we are,” said Atamov, 49, who came to the United States 20 years ago from Russia. “Our behavior is directly connected to our health and happiness.”

“It was difficult to hear some of the things he said, but he was right,” said Glenview Resident, who explained she was originally on five medications and as a result of Atamov’s healing sessions, is down to one. “Based on what he sees, he knows your pre-dispositions and your genetic makeup and he shows you how your behavior is affecting your organs, and ultimately your health.”

Atamov said he began seeing images when he was 6 years old and was unaware other people didn’t. He became an intuitive healer with the goal of helping clients address core issues through cellular DNA healing rather than temporarily removing the symptoms of the disease.

“We are made out of communities of cells and when we have discomforts, which is the same as disease, it’s because the cells are literally speaking up and demanding our mind’s attention,” he said.

Aneta Arutcheva, who is the co-owner of Antalee Wellness Center & Spa, described Atamov as “a gifted healer,” and said he is a perfect fit to the business.

“The inspiration for the spa comes from my deep desire to help people find their true purpose in life,” said Arutcheva, who opened the spa nine years ago with her mother, Dr. Alla Arutcheva, who became a naturopathic physician five years ago.

Antalee Wellness Center & Spa offers spa services that include manicures, pedicures, facials, massage, body treatments, and hair waxing, threading and tinting.

The spa also provides acupuncture, as well as naturopathic care.

“All of our services involve using organic products and are customized,” said Aneta Arutcheva, who is a certified macrobiotic teacher and hypnotist. “This isn’t a factory type of business. Our staff spends the time to address our clients’ needs.”

Antalee also has a spa café that offers vegetarian dishes.

“The spa is designed to nurture and heal both body and soul,” said Arutcheva, who is also certified by the Mystical Sciences Institute in different healing modalities and feng shui.

“I have experienced a lot in my life,” Glenview Resident said. “I have never experienced anything or anyone like Seldar.”