Cafe Antalee is a Natural Food Cafe

Our “With the Season” Natural Food Café serves sensationally healthy meals made from wholesome organic ingredients: our way of helping you enjoy a fit, balanced, and healthy

"I guarantee that our meals will help you gain energy and  vitality, improve your life style, maintain your body composition and  weight within normal and desired range." -Chef Gary Arutchev

All of our food is fresh & prepared especially for you - please call ahead to order your meal!

Due to limited space in the cafe area, eat-in dining is only for clients recieving services that day.

Main Course

  10- Chicken Patties(2), choice of a grain Buckwheat , Rice or Pasta and 

Mixed Greens Salad 

13- Small Plate (2 chicken patties, choice of grains , salad and sautéed seasonal vegetables ) 

17- Large Plate ( chicken patties , choice of grain , 2 salads and sautéed seasonal vegetables 

Each plate consists of fresh  salads, vegetables, grains and Chef Gary‘s delicious chicken patties . This is a meal that will leave you full yet wanting more!

Salads (all salads one size 8 oz)

5- Beet Salad (cooked beets, walnuts or almonds, garlic, and vegenaise)

6- Russian Salad (cooked carrots, potatoes,  boiled egg, dill, cilantro and mayonnaise)

5- Mixed Green Salad (greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers )

5 - Daikon Salad ( grated daikon radishes , green onions, fresh herbs, lemon juice, and veganaise)


Turn Overs

( Turnovers need to be preordered day in advance with minimum quantity of 10 )

2.50 each - stuffed with cabbage or ground meat

Chef Gary creates turn overs that are extremely flaky on the outside,
unbelievably soft inside with beautifully prepared cabbage or ground meat.

Sides and Soups

Cooked Vegetables/ Sides (all one size)


Vegetable sides availability are seasonal

Green Beans





Sweet Potato (shiitake mushrooms sauteed with onions and sweet potatoes)


Jasmine rice 

Brown rice pasta

Soups (all one size 4.00 )


(this cabbage, beets, and carrots soup is great for your blood)

Chicken Noodle Soup
(rice or noodles, potatoes, dill or cilantro)

(made with lentils and vegetables) 

20% charge will be applied to sit-down clients or parties.


       2 - Gary's Special Blend Tea with Rose Buds and Herbs

2 -  Organic Nutricafe Coffee