You are invited to experience greater well-being and improved health.

Heal  at the Cellular Level with Seldar

      Journey towards improved health and wellness with naturally gifted healer, Seldar.
 During  the healing process, Seldar as an intuitive healer guides you to see  your reflection by connecting your beliefs, personality, and behavior to  the pain you experience on an emotional and physical level.

He has an ability to travel between his own body and another person’s,  seeing their cellular make-up. Seldar acts as a conduit bringing peace  to the communities of cells in one’s body. As cells, these communities  are literally speaking up and demanding our mind’s attention.

Once this mind and body connection is made, our perspective on life  changes; enabling us to adapt to life’s circumstances differently than  before. We shift and the healing process begins. Seldar makes it clear,  that pain and suffering are the consequences of not knowing who we  really are. He makes us conscious that our thoughts and behavior are  directly connected to our health and happiness.

When we take our life’s struggles and relationships personally,  we feel triggered, resulting in emotional and physical pain. He sees the  magnificence in each human being. Seldar invites us to look within,  understand our beauty, and become aware of our outside world as a  reflection of what is inside.

Seldar's Message to You:

"Relax  and be present in your life. Accept and recognize who you are. Work on  keeping the positive and finding the benefits in life. And then you can  see great changes in your health and happiness."    

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"I  came to Seldar with the diagnosis of benign cystic lesion 4.4x3.3 cm in  the region of the pancreas. I was scheduled for major surgery in two  weeks. After my first healing session I felt better, my mood changed  too, like some light entered my world. I postponed surgery, hoping to  avoid it. Three weeks later I asked the doctor to check the condition of  the lesion. I was happy to find out it had completely disappeared. Thank you, Seldar, for making it possible."   -A.G. 57 years old
       "Seldar  helped my son battle asthma. My son was sick for several years.  Unbelievable, but my son is now cured! This miraculous relief is  something we prayed for a long time. From the bottom of our hearts.  WARMEST THANK YOU!!!!"  -Emily K.     
               "Dear  Seldar, thank you so much for your help with depression I suffered   from for two years. Your session gave me new life. I am full of energy,  hopes, and happiness. You are doing much needed work in our world,  helping people to find new direction in life." -Katherine A.

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